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By John R Hernandez@NDMH 2015

"If you thought when they came for our bibles and our flags, it was enough? You are wrong. If you thought when they came to remove our crosses and other holiday emblems from our public spaces, it was enough? You are wrong. If you thought when they came to remove any assemblies or fellow-shipping in public, it was enough? You are wrong. If you thought because they have infiltrated every area of our government, our private spaces, and invested in the trillions in our economy and properties.
That would mean we could all live happily ever after? You are wrong. If you thought because this poor excuse for a President is right when he says we are not at war with Islam? You are wrong. We have been at war with Islam since the late 1700. Since Islamic terrorists captured and held captive members of our merchant ships traveling abroad. The Barbary Coast Pirates as they were known stretched their tentacles across the Mediterranean Sea. Ten's thousands of lives were lost as a result of their barbarism.
Luckily for us we can search the net and find this information. But if it was up to them the historical content would have been removed. You have a chance to go out to do the search and find out for yourself. Don't wait for the day that you wake up and find out that they have come to burn our history, to subjugate, and imprison us. Make no doubt about it. They are here and working towards that day! Think of it this way. Why do you think the President of Egypt has ordered a complete clean up of all Muslim mosques in that country.
He has removed the Radical Muslim Brotherhood for terrorist incitement. As he is doing with each and every mosque and person inciting terrorism. There are good Muslims who just want live in peace with their neighbors, go to mosque, and respect the rights of others. He also realizes that when war breaks out, everyone becomes the enemy, and shares the carnage and bloodshed. It takes a lot of guts for that man to do what he is doing. But, it is because he cares about his country and his people. And he is tired of the beheadings, rapes, and terrorist incitement from Radical Islam! Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about our leadership.
2001 showed us that 1993 was not the last terrorist attack America would be facing from the Global Network of Radical Islamists. Continuously supplied and financially supported mainly by Iran and other benefactors.They came back, they trained on cockpits, and those who attacked our world trade centers, executed their missions with flawless precision. We chased their counterparts anywhere else we thought we could make a difference, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, and elsewhere. We believed we could buy our way in, to get closer, but it turned on us. We thought pitting one group on another would help us to gain time and influence. But, that also failed us.
Our enemies are too smart. They won't sell each out and so they took our money, our weapons, and the lives of our soldiers. Everytime they led us down a false trail. Our soldiers who survived, returned home with missing limbs after following leads into areas saturated with improvised antipersonnel bombs. In effect it was a bloody debacle not only for the US but for our allies. These individuals will not sell each other out like we say or think they will. Hence, water boarding and Guantanamo! The amount of total information we were able to extract compared to the degree of personnel losses and bodily damage calculated in injuries to our forces on the ground; does not legitimate our efforts!
To date; beheading, torture, and rape from Radical Islamists has reached into the ten's of thousands To include people of all races and faiths. Refugee numbers is hovering somewhere in the hundreds of thousands! While our present administration on Capital Hill is adamant about taking the reigns off of Iran. The one country in the world responsible for the financial and military support of Radical Islam! This administration, while considerate of social issues, has embarked on a leftist agenda akin to a neo-Marxist ideology. Completely contrary to and opposed to our founding fathers beliefs and practices. If this administration continues on its path unabated? And Iran is allowed to accelerate its nuclear ambitions(break out time), not only the Middle East but, every nation on Earth will pay the price of inaction! JRH-NDMH 2015

More than 125,000 of Iraq's Christians have been forced to flee the homeland they have lived in for nearly 2,000 years because of ISIS violence and



By John R Hernandez@NDMH-2015 Revised 4/2018 by JRH


"No leadership is not just about people. Leadership is about having to make tough choices at the right time. Whether they're about layoff's, cutbacks, streamlining, geographical moves. In effect keeping the company afloat. Too many decision makers spoil the soup. But, the wrong decisions at the wrong time can sink a ship. When your people will fall behind you and follow you through the Red Sea? That means you have a dedicated and committed team aboard. But, if the leader does not know how to lead or when to lead you're in trouble. Everyone, has to be on the same page.

That is why periodic information sessions are paramount to keeping everyone abreast of; sales trends, profits-loses, expectations upswings-downswings, resource analysis, and expectations on manpower needs short and long term. You know the office party was nice, everyone came, but your the boss not the buddy. And you must be expected to make the tough decisions. There are some companies that have someone aboard with the alligator skin to know when to say no, when to say go, when to stay stop let's make a turn here. People trust someone who can call the shots with a straight face and still keep them engaged. As if it was their company, too. So, yes, but people follow a leader and not the other way around.

Guys on the field need someone to direct their actions, to hold them accountable. What just happened with one of the most important  and yet most  top secret organizations in the US?  I'll give you a hint; they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. All night sex parties, drinking binges, hiring out and catering to individuals of disrepute. To engage in acts unbecoming officers sworn to protect the man and lady behind this nation's highest office. Imagine you being caught in that mess? People matter, but without the right leadership people have been known to sink better ships. Think about 2008, trading in commercially backed instruments whose paper was worth zero as much as the leverage that was supposed to be backing them.

Think about hundreds of sales people, bankers, loan officers, brokers, and too many others who made the same mistake.Ask your self can I afford to made the same mistake? Yes, people matter. People are always important in more ways than one. But, people who lack the leadership to propel them forward, to be up front and honest more times than often?  Are the people that will make or break a company or organization. People motivate sales, engage in kingdom building, will take a bullet for you if need be, they are in the forefront each and every day making money for you. So yes they matter!

But, without vision my people perish! No one that I ever knew became a millionaire from one day to the other without VISION. It takes a giant to make the kinds of decisions that help propel a company; to keep it standing on one leg. Even when everyone else is crying, 'enough already'. Giants believe, they see what's ahead. When all others are still wondering what their next move is going to be? The giant has already planned out the next week or two, or month of IDEAS!" Created, Edited, and published by John R Hernandez@NDMC-INTERNATIONAL  (c) 2018 All Rights Protected by Law

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Legitimizing murder of police officers while, ignoring the damning facts in that store. As that attendant was robbed and beaten, can never justify this indiscriminate bloodlust!

By John R Hernandez@NDMH-2015

"This is no longer the backlash that follows when a community made up of minorities of color comes together to decry the death of one of their own by the hand of one police officer. Attempts to apprehend him after robbing and beating a store clerk over a bottle of liquor. That which has been manifested all over America leading to further looting, ravaging of communities, burning, and shooting on both sides of these uprisings. Has now become a wide spread civil unrest with no real agenda, purpose, or aim! Fueled by media hungry for footage of violence, rampage, and bloodshed.
Unfortunately what this uprising, the media, and some politicians have created is to further the legitimization of the open killing of police officers.

While, the details of what had happened in that place of business, as that attendant was beaten and robbed -in the face- of all the video footage. Should of shown to some Americans that despite what entailed across town in the middle of that street. Between one man who refused to obey that officers orders -obviously- because he knew what he had done and what was about to happen to him. He made his choice to act in contrary to the behavior of someone who is being questioned. Because, he meets the description of someone who has just beaten and robbed a store clerk.

He was under the influence, he'd obviously no doubt drunk most of that bottle. Because it was never found unopened, and he belligerently chose to go up against an officer and his one line of defense. There is obviously more that could of been taken into account here. Including, the correct procedure that should of been taken between local, state, and federal authorities to get to the bottom of who was more responsible in this situation? Which, appears to have been blurred by the rolling video coverage of the maddening chanting for blood coming from the crowds!

Back over some decades ago a similar widespread backlash over purported police brutality came about after bloodless on both sides between communities and police authorities. After the burning smoke from the rolling video footage and the street anger subsided from the rampage, violence, and bloodlust. It was decided that police needed acute training in etiquette and proper treatment of community members as they discharged their duties in minority areas of color. Police were ordered to live within a certain distance of these communities in order to get them to become further aware of the sensitivities within these areas." JRH-2015 NDMH

"After writing the above article I decided to do a net search on police re-training and situations that led to those decisions, Below is part and partial of what I found on my search. After a brief look over of the document one can take away that government has attempted to address the issues on both sides of the line. Perhaps there is more to be learned when we get to the part in our research that leads us to the why or where has this 1999 effort come to?" JRH-2015 NDMH

partial internet copy of;


"In our bill, we propose solutions designed to bolster the confidence the citizens have in their police and to provide effective training for police officers involved in serving and protecting the community in these increasingly difficult times.
The bill also provides for examining those occasions on which the police and citizens interact and the role that these events play and the use of force issues, including policing strategies, hiring, recruiting practices, disciplinary and oversight policies, the use of weapons, and of non-lethal force technologies, such as pepper sprays, arrests, searches, seizures, verbal communication, vehicle use, and community relations.
The bill identifies four of the larger and more diverse metropolitan police departments to receive initial grant monies and to initiate training programs designed to enhance existing ongoing training. These larger metropolitan police departments have been selected as test cases or pilot programs, not because they have particular issues related to the use of force but in recognition that use of force issues exist in all police departments, and these four departments tend to experience a wider range of police-citizen contacts, use of force, and diversity issues. In addition, most of these departments have agreed to open their policies and practices to the study commission created as a part of the bill for the purpose of identifying effective training programs that will benefit all police departments nationwide.
The commission established in this legislation is bipartisan and will study these department's training, police strategies, and programs with an eye toward providing Congress with recommendations to promote effective law enforcement practices and to fostering better relations between the police and citizens. The commission will make recommendations to Congress as to any future role Congress and the Federal Government should have in these areas.
In this way, we hope to provide solutions designed to remedy any breakdown in trust and confidence citizens have with their police department, fostering awareness on the part of citizens about the policing functions and responsibilities, while simultaneously creating better trained and more effective policing to serve and protect our communities.
This proposal has the support of city mayors, community leaders, police chiefs, and the rank and file police officers. Each have provided input into the contents of the bill and the composition of the commission. We believe this bill takes the necessary step in the direction of solving the problems that are eroding the trust and confidence between police and the communities. If all in Congress and the administration can avoid the politicization of this issue and act with the same resolve and integrity demonstrated by Congressman Serrano, we can make the solutions in the bill a reality by this summer.
H.R. 1659
MAY 12, 1999
Serial No. 44
Printed for the use of the Committee on the Judiciary
For sale by the U.S. Government Printing Office
Superintendent of Documents, Congressional Sales Office, Washington, DC 20402
HENRY J. HYDE, Illinois, Chairman
GEORGE W. GEKAS, Pennsylvania
HOWARD COBLE, North Carolina
ED BRYANT, Tennessee
BOB BARR, Georgia
JAMES E. ROGAN, California
LINDSEY O. GRAHAM, South Carolina
MARY BONO, California
JOHN CONYERS, Jr., Michigan
BARNEY FRANK, Massachusetts
HOWARD L. BERMAN, California
MELVIN L. WATT, North Carolina
ZOE LOFGREN, California
MARTIN T. MEEHAN, Massachusetts
WILLIAM D. DELAHUNT, Massachusetts
THOMAS E. MOONEY, SR., General Counsel-Chief of Staff
JULIAN EPSTEIN, Minority Chief Counsel and Staff Director
May 12, 1999
H.R. 1659
Hyde, Hon. Henry J., a Representative in Congress from the State of Illinois, and chairman, Committee on the Judiciary
Baird, Callie L., administrator in charge, Office of Professional Standards, Chicago Police Department
Davis, Julius, deputy chief of police, Los Angeles Police Department
Diallo, Kadiato
Flynn, Edward A., chief of police, Arlington County Police Department and Police Executive Research Forum, chairman of the Legislative Committee
Gainer, Terrence W., assistant chief of police, District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department
Hampton, Ron, executive director, National Black Police Association
Meeks, Hon. Gregory, a Representative in Congress from the State of New York
Papa, Gerard J., New York, NY
Pfeifer, Martin L., trustee, National Fraternal Order of Police
Roberts, Charles B., assistant deputy superintendent, Chicago Police Department
Serrano, Hon. Jose, a Representative in Congress from the State of New York
Shelton, Hiliary, director, Washington Bureau of the NAACP
Walsh, Hon. James T., a Representative in Congress from the State of New York
Baird, Callie L., administrator in charge, Office of Professional Standards, Chicago Police Department: Prepared statement
Davis, Julius, deputy chief of police, Los Angeles Police Department: Prepared statement
Flynn, Edward A., chief of police, Arlington County Police Department and Police Executive Research Forum, chairman of the Legislative Committee: Prepared statement
Hampton, Ron, executive director, National Black Police Association: Prepared statement
Jackson Lee, Hon. Sheila, a Representative in Congress from the State of Texas: Prepared statement
Meeks, Hon. Gregory, a Representative in Congress from the State of New York: Prepared statement
NAACP Report on Police Conduct and Community Relations: ''Beyond The Rodney King Story''
Nadler, Hon. Jerrold, a Representative in Congress from the State of New York: Prepared statement
Papa, Gerard J., New York, NY: Prepared statement
Pfeifer, Martin L., trustee, National Fraternal Order of Police: Prepared statement
Roberts, Charles B., assistant deputy superintendent, Chicago Police Department: Prepared statement
Scully, Robert T., executive director, National Association of Police Organizations, Inc.: Prepared statement
Serrano, Hon. Jose, a Representative in Congress from the State of New York: Prepared statement
Shelton, Hiliary, director, Washington Bureau of the NAACP: Prepared statement
Walsh, Hon. James T., a Representative in Congress from the State of New York: Prepared statement
Wood, Clarence N., chairman, City of Chicago Commission on Human Relations and president, The Human Relations Foundation of Chicago: Prepared statement
WEDNESDAY, MAY 12, 1999"


2 Police Officers Reported Shot Outside Ferguson Police Department
According to The Associated Press, the crowd had appeared to be dwindling when the shots were heard.

By John R Hernanddez@NDMH-2015
"What we need to protect are the foundations of this nation's Democracy. Which, bit by bit we have seen being sold off and ripped apart. By those who have no respect or conscience left in their dark and sinister hearts!" JRH-2015 NDMH


By John R Hernandez@NDMH-2015

"...-faith is playing an overarching reality-..."

"The real question you need to ask yourself is. How is it possible that we or anyone in the so-called global community of civilized people claiming to be normal.? Can stand by idly as people of questionable mental capacity indiscriminately behead one Christian or Jew after another and you can almost hear a pin drop in the audience of our so-called Global Community? Today, not so unlike the days of the Hitler racial cleansing pandemic; terrorist Islamic extremists are beheading Christians, Jews, and people of all races.

Because of, the burning hatred for those who won't submit to their tyrannical madness and inhumane way of life. But, it isn't just only submission sought here.This burning hatred festering well over a millennia has been fed by the hatred of Christians. Because of their faith and the wars that have raged on for well over a milineum! And so, when you claim to stand up to decry your idealist assumptions about human rights, and yet, deny the Genocide and Holocaust of over 6 million Jewish victims of Nazi atrocities. You, not only expose your antisemitic behavior -but you- prove to the world the burning flaws behind your hypocritical personality!" JRH-2015 NDMH

1). "There were about 8 to 10 million Jews in the territories controlled directly or indirectly by the Nazis (the uncertainty arises from the lack of knowledge about how many Jews there were in the Soviet Union). The six million killed in the Holocaust thus represent 60 to 75 percent of these Jews. Of Poland’s 3.3 million Jews, over 90 percent were killed."…/
2). How Many Jews Were Murdered?
Please consider the below figures as estimates.* Links provide additional information about the life and experiences of Jews in each individual country during the Holocaust.
[BY] Country
Pre-war Jewish Population
Estimated Murdered
Austria 185,000 50,000
Belgium 66,000 25,000
Bohemia/Moravia 118,000 78,000
Bulgaria 50,000 0
Denmark 8,000 60
Estonia 4,500 2,000
Finland 2,000 7
France 350,000 77,000
Germany 565,000 142,000
Greece 75,000 65,000
Hungary 825,000 550,000
Italy 44,500 7,500
Latvia 91,500 70,000
Lithuania 168,000 140,000
Luxembourg 3,500 1,000
Netherlands 140,000 100,000
Norway 1,700 762
Poland 3,300,000 3,000,000
Romania 609,000 270,000
Slovakia 89,000 71,000
Soviet Union 3,020,000 1,000,000
Yugoslavia 78,000 60,000
Total: 9,793,700 5,709,329

"Is it possible to imagine this happening in those days as the world looked on? Can you further imagine that today the same hatred burns in the hearts and minds who behead Christians and Jews because of their faith and or race? The one critical outstanding element in today's genocide -not so unlike- to the Nazi scourge. Is that -faith is playing an overarching reality- in those who are committing the most vicious present day wholesale acts of wanton murder!" JRH-2015 NDMH

The Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS
German ambassador to Russia, Rudiger von Fritsch, visited Zmievskaya Balka in Rostov and laid a wreath in memory of 27,000 Nazi victims killed there during WWII. Zmievskaya Balka was the largest site of mass killing of mostly Jews and other peaceful citizens in the territory of Russia during the Holocaust.


By John R Hernandez@NDMH-2015

"A cult of death not too unlike that of the heinous Fascist's bloodlust. If the global community would follow the lead of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil el-Sisi. Who has outlawed the radical Muslim Brotherhood and is now about to clamp down on thousands of Mosques. In order to put a stop to all the radicalization and incitement coming out of many of them! It would be a better world to live in. But, unfortunately the global community has a yellow streak running down its back. Unlike that of President Sisi and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu!" JRH-2015 NDMH



By John R Hernandez@NDMH-2015

"Start by outlawing extremist preachers and mosques where unrest and hatred of others is fomented. Below is an excerpt from the news account from Egypt concerning latest moves to squelch terrorist  Islamic extremism. May the souls of all Christians, Jews, Egyptians, Jordanians, Africans, and all other innocent victims crucified, shot, burned alive, and or beheaded by Extremist Islamic terrorists rest in peace now!"JRH-2015 NDMH

"Other mosques throughout the country must secure permits in order to keep their doors open and any Muslim leader proven to deliver political messages will be prohibited from preaching in Egypt. A number of new permits – approximately 400 – have since been distributed to imams, though they will remain under close scrutiny as Egypt attempts to address the violence often nurtured by radicalized leaders. These imams will be subject to oversight by a Ministry of Religious Endowments committee and will be forced to take an oath denouncing any such extremist messages. Should the ministry find a leader in violation of this agreement, its agents are authorized to revoke his or her permit and potentially pursue legal action."  Read more at…/…



By John R Hernandez@NDMH-2015

"The student loan debt crisis has reached epidemic levels (over 40 million not counting those who have gone underground or committed suicide because of it). Very few individuals and or -if any- excepting Alan Collinge and some others are at the forefront in trying to get this issue out to the public and reforming its present day conditions. In the forefront of his fight on this issue is his support for inclusion of student loan debt into bankruptcy petitions. We all need to support individuals and organizations like his. If we want to see justice and equity in a system that has become burdensome, mentally and physically crippling to the lives of so many men and women. Who once believed that a loan was the way to get that much needed education.

Yet, later on they found out that the costs don't always reflect the possibilities and or opportunities available in today's employment scheme. One example is where you don't always have to be the best educated to get the job. Companies and institutions in many cases will simply hire part timers and or under-qualified individuals and train them as they go to forego having to pay for graduates who are often seeking better wages than those afforded the less qualified choices that most companies will usually make. Its cheaper and easier for a company to go the easy way out. Companies don't owe colleges or the Dept of Ed a dang thing.

However in my opinion It's also time to expand the choices available in Student Loan Forgiveness to those that resonate with today's students and ex-students. We need to provide more choices for individuals to clear their accounts or parts of their accounts. With additional inclusions of volunteer programs such as in; hospitals both (veteran and public), to rehabilitation service providers, blind and physically handicapped hospices, schools and private institutes of higher learning (to include organizations such as Boys and Girls clubs of America, 4-H, as well as all other privately and publicly funded organizations),\.

Everywhere in all areas of life volunteers are needed to assist others, groups, companies, government institutions and private entities. Why not put more effort into expanding possibilities where men and women in debt may place their energy, time, and creativity towards helping others. There are a myriad of places and opportunities where an individual and individuals may be able to put in some time. either being physically present or via the internet. Where they can get credit for time spent on projects that can be certified towards their getting the needed lowering or termination of their debts to the US Department of Education and others. But of course this next suggestion is going to get about as many applauds as Jimmy Carter getting the citizen of the year award. In biblical times we had the Year of Jubilee where debts were forgiven!" JRH-2015 NDMH



"Our Churchill for our time!" JRH-2015 NDMH

How can the global community stand by idly as antisemitism and anti-Christian hatred burns in the hearts of terrorist Islamic murderers?

"Out of office and politically "in the wilderness" during the 1930s, Churchill took the lead in warning about Nazi Germany and in campaigning for rearmament. At the outbreak of the Second World War, he was again appointed First Lord of the Admiralty. Following the resignation of Neville Chamberlain on 10 May 1940, Churchill became Prime Minister. His steadfast refusal to consider surrender helped inspire British resistance, especially during the difficult early days of the war when the British Commonwealth and Empire stood alone in its active opposition to Adolf Hitler. Churchill was particularly noted for his speeches and radio broadcasts, which helped inspire the British people. He led Britain as Prime Minister until victory over Nazi Germany had been secured." SOURCE:




By John R Hernandez@NDMH-2015

-It's time to pray fervently for these clowns before they bring the entire anger of almighty God upon us all- JRH/NDMH

"Between Pelosi, Obama, Biden, Kerry, pope Francis, Jimmy Carter, Hillary Clinton and the rest of those who are so contemptible to stand before God Almighty and denounce Israel's Prime Minister. It is all very clear now what their plans are and have been for their counterparts in the Middle East. They have now shown their true face and who they stand with in the UN. But, they will not be victorious -because- as we all know that God Almighty will curse them for cursing Israel.
They will lose everything; face, reputation, coming elections, their plans to support our enemies. All will crumble before their eyes! You don't have to be intelligent to do what the US has done. To offer Iran such a deal that would allow them to keep the nuclear centrifuges thereby allowing them to continue on their path to a nuclear bomb. Unabated and to build more ICBM'S, to erase all sanctions, and to disregard all its threats about nuclear annihilation of Israel and America; whom they call the Great Satan.

Where is the intelligence in this group of lunatics which would pretend their is no Hezbollah parked just outside of Israel ready to start sending in rockets. Hamas waiting to invade, Iran supporting all terrorist efforts in the Middle East. You don't have to be stupid to support Iran and the rest of their terrorist clowns. Some of which have been allowed to penetrate the highest levels of the same Homeland Security apparatus whose continued existence has been in challenge as of late.
It's these clowns who want the American people to believe that Israel and Netanyahu are Wrong and they and Iran are right. This is whose side they are on. These clowns who denounce Israel as an occupier sound like Extremist Muslims. They are not intelligent enough to understand that most Americans and Israeli's and many of our global neighbors are aware of Christianity's struggles with Radical Islam dating back hundreds of years.

It's all in the history books! So ISIS-L is nothing new and they are Muslims. And the fight is against Extremist Islam which still believes that it can conquer the world once again as it believed it back then. It's all in the history books and easily searched. So it is nothing new to us. It is not an insult to our intelligence to tell us what we already know. But, what Netanyahu made clear by his presence here is that this administration is behind one of this nation's worst foreign policy agreements.
Which, will surely bring about apocalyptic and dire results; not just for the Middle East but, the world. What the Prime Minister has done is open up the can of worms right in front of the American people for them to decide and to speak out against this mutiny. This arrangement with Iran is an insult to the American people and the people of the world. So it doesn't come as any great surprise to see and hear this merry band of misfits complaining once again. Since they have been running around denouncing Israel while, trying to make it look like their motives are right!" JRH-2015 NDMH

Nancy Pelosi: Netanyahu speech an 'insult to the intelligence of the United States'
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Tuesday blasted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address to Congress about Iran's nuclear...




By John R Hernandez@NDMH-2015

-but, when these journalists bring in the race baiting issue, or the throwing out of what they call the old conventional wisdom and tell us that gay marriage, pot legalization are social justice issues.  That we are lying to our children about marijuana. Freedom of speech dictates, that this demands an open door to my comments.- JRH-NDMH/2015

Saying that Marijuana should be legalized because a journalist calls it a 'useless old conventional wisdom' is as intelligent a statement as.  The Obama administration calling for the removal of sanctions against Iran because it has never been really proven they are bad guys! Furthermore, disrespecting Pat Robertson by saying he is rambling incoherently about God's will. Only shows a clear disdain for God and Christianity. Which Journalists who stand by their ethical code would find it best to distance themselves from forming their own opinionated comments. In the case of Evangelist Pat Robertson, he is someone in the Christian community who is well respected and well knowledgeable on what God wants and does not want!

Not everything that looks and sounds good is worth trying. That includes homosexuality, drugs, and even alcohol! Homosexuality I never tried. Since, it is obvious that it is not my choice of lifestyle, and yes my choices are led by my brand of faith, Christianity. As for pot and alcohol I won't expand here, what led to try a cup running over of both. Suffice it to say that I can speak from experience. Its not just that Marijuana and alcohol both lead to abuse. But, that their use has been delineated to lead to abuse, crime, and disruptive behavior and further abuse of other drugs. With far worst results to both users, ones community, and family members.

It is even more absurd to compare homosexuals seeking so-called social justice by pushing for laws that would legalize a man marrying another man or a woman marrying another woman (she forgot to bunch this into the conventional wisdom cart). There was a time when they could easily go to Nevada for example and walk into one of those marriage mills and be done with it. But, no that's not enough for them. They want complete and full acceptance of their rights to a traditional marriage. Replete with all the bells and whistles included in the such. Legitimizing this abominable way of life would also help to legitimize its acceptance in the hearts and minds of billions of school age children throughout the world. After all they've already helped to place their stamp of approval in the hearts and minds of some government officials as to the question of homosexuality being a naturally acceptable birth trait!

Calling pot or even alcohol  recreational drugs are a farce.  The cry today is to legalize and regulate Marijuana. But, why legalize a drug that can easily be grown in your backyard and consumed i the leisure of your home anyway?  So it would seem that the potheads are supporting the pot dealers who want it legalized so that they can continue to make money feeding it to the American people. While, they absorb the millions law enforcement authorities would stand to make if Pot is legalized.
But, the bigger picture is as so many jugheads seem to think. That Marijuana is a faultless recreational drug that does not lead to the use of other drugs. In my opinion and this is my opinion. Marijuana should not be legalized for any purpose other than medicinal use and that under the strictest scrutiny of a certified mentally capable audited doctor of medicine. It should not be sold over the counter like candy to children.

Their deeper issues with the use of Marijuana that are being suppressed by the media which I won't go into details here just yet. Suffice it to say that based on my experience Marijuana is a crossing point both to and from other drugs being abused and ultimately leading to causing a vast majority of accidents, crimes of violence and even murder. Those who oppose Marijuana legalization are shuffled into those on the wrong side of so-called Culture War scenario. If you are a father or mother who wants to protect your children from drug use you are called names and ridiculed.
 Supporting your personal rights to defend your children is now become taboo while letting it all hang out and cutting lose has become the thing to do.

While innocent children pick up on these sinister trends. Those who have no respect for the rights of others, their children, or their opinions could care less what others think as long as they get what they want! And to say we have been 'lying to our children' about drugs mainly pot. I guess is to say that we have no right to teach our children right from wrong. A parent has that right and no one -especially one with dubious personal beliefs- should attempt to train up someone else's child on. And to equally compare this argument with the use of racial overtones is as ludicrous as this whole subject is!" JRH-2015 NDMH

Why pot legalization is also a fight for social justice
By Emily L. Hauser/The Week.Com/articles
"As is generally true with culture-war issues, however, the movement toward sensible policy is slow and halting. We get dueling headlines like these, noted in The Washington Post: "Colorado sold 17 tons of retail marijuana in first legal year" vs. "Life in prison for selling $20 of weed." We get people like Pat Robertson rambling incoherently about God's will and enslavement to vegetables. We discover officials who think that if we raise marijuana legally, bunnies will become addicts. All this even as millions of Americans drop their allegiance to the old conventional wisdom — not least, Washington, D.C., Police Chief Cathy Lanier. "All those [marijuana] arrests do is make people hate us," she said recently. "Marijuana smokers are not going to attack and kill a cop... Alcohol is a much bigger problem."But for many on the pro-legalization side, there appears to be an important difference between weed and, say, marriage equality. One is a long-standing struggle for social justice; the other is just silly policy.The immediate effect of this silly policy, however, has been that between bad science, business interests, fear-mongering, and ineptitude, we've been lying to our children and each other about pot for decades. And beyond that is the sheer racism involved."

Seeking to Legalize pot may seem to be what Liberals do best. After all the loses from the drain on profits from the tobacco limitations. Still at $40 bucks a carton they cannot say they are not getting a good bang for the bucks from big tobacco.


ME? Obama drops Cuban sanctions, seeks world players for dropping Iran sanctions, and thinks Israel will just sit back and wag its tail!

By John R Hernandez@NDMH-2015

"The stage is being set by Obama and others. Which could lead to nuclear war in the Middle East. As Israel will soon make a strategic decision to defend its future. After all, some of us know that whether they are Republican or Democrats, they are going to screw up something. Obama offering to drop all sanctions against Iran in return for what? I don't know how much Iran offered Obama but, something stinks between those two. And now it appears that it could be quite a few more players involved in this coupe-d'etat against Israel. One week after Netanyahu spoke to Congress and the American people, and one month after Obama declared restoration of all relations with the Communist Island of Cuba.
Where, a ship has now been apprehended delivering weapons and armaments to it. I refuse to believe that China, Great Britain, France, Germany and any other countries would ever do such an unconscionable deed as to throw Israel under the bus! I have -however- flushed down the toilet any credibility I had for this poor excuse of an administration. No wonder Obama told Iran and others -not to worry- Netanyahu had not brought anything new to Congress on his previous speech before them.
'Nothing New' were -code words- meant for Iran and its secret supporters here and abroad. That it was business as usual and the plans were to continue as proposed. This is why today we hear of the proposed multilateral disengagement of full sanctions against Iran days ahead of deadlines. This administration is proceeding with its promise to Iran, the worlds deadliest terrorist country.
To continue supporting and arming Hezbollah, Hamas, Al-Qaeda, and all other global terrorist organizations. To continue to produce ICBM missiles and further expand its already bulging nuclear processes. Why, the Obama administration is allowing for the removal of all the checkpoints and latches put into place to stop Iran from expanding its arsenals and support of terrorists is unconscionable! No doubt that this is setting the stage for unilateral actions by Israel to defend its nation against its most deadly enemy of all, as it should!" JRH-2015 NDMH

1).VOA News
March 03, 2015 9:36 PM
"The captain of a Chinese-flagged ship is facing arms-trafficking charges in Colombia after a search of his vessel uncovered weapons destined for Cuba. Authorities in the Colombian port of Cartegena detained the Dan Da Xia during a stop Saturday. They said the ship's cargo did not match the documents that the captain, Wu Hong, presented.Colombian authorities said they found about 100 metric tons of gunpowder along with shell casings and 2.6 million detonators.There was no word on what happened to the rest of the ship's crew, and China has not yet commented."…/weapons-found-china-f…/2666940.html

2)."Along with long-range weapons systems, the BBC reports that the Chinese ship Da Dan Xia, intercepted last week by Colombian authorities as it headed to Cuba, was carrying About 100 tonnes of gunpowder, almost three million detonators and some 3,000 cannon shells were found on board the Da Dan Xia, officials said.But according to the ship’s records, it was carrying grain products.. . .The Da Dan Xia is operated by China’s largest shipping company, Cosco Shipping.Cuba isn’t saying anything yet, but the Chinese say, We were engaged in “normal trade cooperation involving normal military supplies.” Rather than dig into the illegal weapons trade, American media is focused instead on Conan’s trip to Cuba,…/colombia-what-other-weapons-were-…/

Report: World powers in talks to lift Iran sanctions
Quiet talks to lift multilateral sanctions against Iran are underway between seven countries, according to Reuters. Five major world powers — Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States — along with Germany and Iran, are...



By John R Hernandez@NDMH-2015

"In other words be not overcome with evil as the result of the anger placed in your heart by the adversary. But, overcome evil with good and your anger will flee, be kindled, and overcome by the good that is now in you. Women's equality! Strap on a bomb jacket and blow your self up in some market where the children of Arabs alongside Jews are playing innocently. Jesus said of the little children. Of these is the Kingdom of God! He also said whenever you do this to the least of these you have done it unto me. Jesus asked Paul, why are you persecuting me? When you teach a child to go out and blow themselves up among other little children or go and behead them.
You are not doing the will of God but of Satan the Devil. When you allow the men of your tribe to bring home little girls they have taken as wives. How is this doing the will of Almighty God? Even when you think evil of another the word of God says you are a murderer. Yes, even Christ was angered as He turned the tables of the money changers in the house of God. But you cannot let anger rule your life. Would you want someone to come into your fathers home and do what is not right in his eyes?
So you must not let evil enter into your heart and change the holiness of that sacred space. To Jesus this is sacred space not to be defiled by the dirty hands or false words of man. To God you must be holy. Shedding the innocent blood of children or anyone else is not a holy thing to do. Taking children captive to be raped, tortured, or beheaded is not condoned(to go and do it) by Almighty God, nor is it a holy thing acceptable(allowed) by Him." JRH-2015 NDMH The following video graphic is used for illustration purposes only.



John R Hernandez@NDMH-2015

"You know what? Who really cares what the UN or Amnesty thinks? It's not just all about rockets. Why pin yourself down to one or two global entities? Who you think have the authority to certify the barbaric and inhumane acts of violence against innocent people? Each and every violent act committed against Israel and any other member of the human race by Hamas thugs -needs to be recorded- as a war crime.

They should record the kidnappings, tortures, bombings of religious spaces of worship, stabbings, use of rocks and Molotov cocktails, and shootings. Included should be the men, women, and children who lost their lives, their families, their properties. On both sides of this war. Because, the real issue here is Hamas. They are to blame for these wars, as Abbas is to blame, for saying one thing and then another from the other side of his mouth. These are terrorists supported through their headquarters in Turkey, Qatar and elsewhere.

These are not perfect peace partners, they are murderous terrorists. Whose vicious threats and attacks against Israel have served to incite hatred, antisemitism, and war! And they should be prosecuted for that to the fullest extent of the law. Maybe, after that there can be lasting peace. There can be brotherhood after the bombs, and tunnels, are destroyed, and the warmongers have been prosecuted and served their time.

There is no place in the world where the Jew can walk down the street and yet not find some anti-Jewish slogan, hate speech, antisemitic behavior.There are three Jewish children who paid with their lives for simply being Jewish. This is what Amnesty needs to be looking at. Antisemitism. But at the end of the day what matters most to me, is not what anyone really thinks, but what Almighty God finally decides!" JRH-NDMH 2015

Rocket and mortar attacks by Palestinian militant groups during last summer's conflict in Gaza amounted to war crimes, Amnesty International says.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


A LITTLE LATE IN THE GAME; the morbidity of the global powers foot-dragging could bring disastrous results
Created, Edited, and Published By John R. Hernandez, Jr. © 2014      

"What difference is there in an organization who by its own words, actions, and beliefs thinks of itself above all tenets of world civility, established political laws and boundaries of morality, and diplomatic mutually agreed upon arrangements? How does the global civil community make a justifiable judgement based on any rational reasoning? With regard to the torturing and massacre of hundreds if not thousands of its own people; including Jews and Christians. I see this band of terribly misguided individuals now on a rampage through the middle east  -beheading anyone who refuses to repent and pledge allegiance to them- as a likeness unto Hitler's venomous and bloodthirsty trek across Europe. And from the looks of it, it may take a global coalition of world forces; to bring this globe trotting Jihadist whirlwind of destruction, senseless beheadings, and horrific massacre of innocent peace loving people to a final end.

ISIS has vowed to take the fight into Israel, not unlike Hitler's openly hatred of the Jews. But this time the tables will be turned in favor of the Jewish state with its formidable intelligence capabilities AND powerful armed forces to put a huge dent in the ISIS armor. President Obama and the rest of of the world leaders have finally decided to take the fight to ISIS -A LITTLE LATE IN THE GAME- but, not a surprise from all we've seen from the global community. With regards to its foot dragging attitude towards Israel; and its Prime Minister's request for assistance in the past 12 months. ISIS is nothing short of Syria's response to the Western powers. Which it sees as the main supplier and ultimate benefactor of the forces fighting to help topple its sadistic and failed government.

But, lets hope that the world community doesn't lose focus on the hands pullings the strings behind the scenes surrounding global terrorism, Iran. Waiting with baited hands for the moment when it reveals to the world the frightening truth behind its nuclear programs. On that day, the ensuing aftermath of its globally concerted retribution against Judaism, Christianity, the Western powers, and all who refuse to repent and vow allegiance to its caliphate. It will be far worse to deal with than it could be, had the so-called -civilized- world powers, stopped its morbid foot dragging and dealt with the problems of global Jihadism before the fact!" JRH-2014 NDMH

Sunday, August 31, 2014




Written and Created by John R. Hernandez, Jr. 10/02/2011 (c)

Someone recently asked a question on social network about cyber-sexing over the internet. Here is my take on this subject. There seems to be some form of conventional wisdom that sort of redefines or crosses the lines from where flirting and boundary perception exists. In my opinion cyber-sexing is another form of role playing or flirting that presides within a realm where the normal and or customary rules and regulations that exist in traditional face to face encounters are absent. No, I think it's healthy! In fact if you think about it; there is no chance of catching AIDS over a monitor and really who are they cheating with? A piece of hardware and just think he or she is only exercising their muscles. It's a win-win situation! And think of this, if someone thinks they have a need to go noodling on the internet it's a sure-fire sign that the relationship may be (something missing or out of place) in need of repair. Either way, catching it when it's at that stage is a far better cry than having to hire a detective to check up on your spouse? Okay, here is where I tell you that, no it is not healthy to seek out self-gratification over the internet and what you may need is to find space and re-think your relationship and what brought you together in the first place. Relationships in mid-career tend to bottom out at times. Because, when we look outside the bubble (box) we begin to pile up all the reasons about the outside world we may or have been missing. Human relationships take time to cultivate and vary by personalities and environments. If we can but a for moment make some connection to God in this subject we may be enlightened in knowing that this human desire to self gratificate oneself; which some choose to call human nature or getting your freak-off is actually something that is both a mental reaction to outward stimulus and a habitual reaction (learned process). That can, is and will eventually become both a mental and a physical aberration. We don’t always look at perversion or self-gratification as a physical need but, as a mental desire that many of us find difficult to overcome. God gave us all the tools and or steps that we need to encounter through the process of procreation. And I might say for the most part this process when it produces itself in a healthy way within a healthy relationship and follows in a Godly fashion can be one of the most rewarding and precious of male-female human relations. When we take God out of the equation as in for example -the Garden of Eden- what we get in return is a man-made new moon or self-appointed feasts of self-worship and idol self-gratification. The word of God or God himself tells us that we are to have no gods before him. Sex outside of the marriage, cybersex, cheating, getting your freak off or whatever you decide to call it is an action that is not in the nature of God’s expectations for and of mankind. Paul the Apostle said the love of money is the root of all evil and one can say that the love of the self, outside of the natural affection between man and woman or familial relationships is an abomination unto the eyes of the Lord-God and Christ His Son. Think of it this way. When man began to lose the importance between Christ’s blood sacrifice and the blood sacrifice of animals this is when God became irrelevant –because- Christ is no longer the center premise of the God story. And many women and children can consider God and Christ to be unimportant or unnecessary. We don’t need another temple, because the word of God and the New Covenant in and of Christ tells us that we are the Temple of God and that Christ has shed his precious and Holy blood over us for the redemption of our souls and the forgiveness of our sins. We do not need another blood sacrifice and we certainly do not ever need another blood sacrifice such as; in the blood of bulls, or rams or he goats. When we forget, set aside, eliminate, remove from our lives and minds what Christ’s sacrifice means to mankind; when this happens the rules or God’s laws are thrown out the window and mankind such as in the Garden of Eden story begins to make his own choices and set his own rules on how he/she will run his or her life. This is why we have a lack of control in relationships, the expelling of men from their natural place within the family, a lack of communication in a Godly way in relationships and why we have the problems, troubles, misunderstandings and disasters in nature and humankind we have today. Remember, now that many of the ordinances of God have already begun to be DISMANTLED; The removal of the pledge of allegiance, the removal of the word of God in many academic institutions, the removal of the Godly wisdom of the fathers for their children and families(almost half of all families are single-parent families), the removal of the protection and sanctification of life so that now we have over 50 million little babies murdered at the hands of money mongering organizations and individuals, man’s effectual nature to woman is now traded for the unnatural and unhealthy effectual attraction to other men as is of woman for woman. Let me end it this way. When you self -ingratiate be careful that you are not fulfilling the will of some evil-ancient habitual sin of self-worship. For we struggle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, and rulers of the darkness of this world. And, there is more that I can say about this subject but I know that there are sensitive ears out there and this is a family oriented realm –where- I like to just throw out bits and pieces of the issues and like to leave it up to the grown-ups out there to find their way through the mulberry patch as it pertains to those around the table.


Clash of Titans; The Rising Influence of the New Chieftains of the Digital Age

Written and Edited by John R. Hernandez, Jr. © 2011

Looking at social media from the point of view of a published author who is competing with other authors to sell books.

Chapter 1:

The view from the wall

Like a fly on the wall I take a closer look at the realm of social media with an ear towards flavoring the muses of our present day social trends. Meaning that like many, I am a relative new comer -considering- so many of those I have researched in Facebook -for example- who are to my knowledge polished-and-well known--authors. What I have experienced is that many authors who represent a certain genre; for example, the romance authors. Those whirlwind romance novel types or the turn of the century old-money style English Victorian novel writers or the DIY authors, etc.,... Most of which, who tend to gravitate to cliques sometimes of 10, 20 and more 100 who make their nest in such places as Facebook, Linkedin and many other social networking sites; where you will find them en-masse gravitating or better yet hovering to their own respective guru tribal chiefs. It is through this chieftain mentality that they validate their group’s existence and develop rules or pecking orders which reinforce -yet stricter boundaries and territorial laws- against outsiders and often insiders. These laws like the laws of say a pack of wolfs are in place just like in any social/corporate business group which sees the main factor of its existence as the survival of the tribe or clan. Here within the social enclave of the group lies the periphery, the stage where all the member/actors play out their ritual/dances before the social media spectators and passersby. Replete with the usual/customary tribal rituals meant to either communicate to the clan or tribe or group, messages that are meant to inform or warn its members about trends, probable new candidate tribal members and or current events within and without their sphere of influence. My argument concerning social media such as Facebook and all the others mentioned or unmentioned is for the purposes of exploring the conversation. and not attacking the eventual values of social media in and of itself. It is what I see whe I peer from the wall; that although places like Facebook and others offer vast realms of information on specific groups and their practices within the inner circles of those groups to new- comers on the net, they have yet to sort out the old adages and or old clich├ęs and pecking orders. Tribal attitudes that have stained the reputation of the old guard within the printed book realm and it is within this printed book realm that there are myriads of cliques from every brand of writing style. Just like parachute salesmen and or chicken soup vendors and anyone just walking into the industry will find -pitched- and ready to invite, to warn off and or to destroy the most valiant of souls lurking into the old-guard canvas/paved world of printed matter. And what I am saying is that already no doubt as far back as the first few months of the take-off of eBook publishing; the barriers and lines were beginning to take form in cyberspace. Where, as in the early days of the concrete mortar-paved world of publishing; the clans and factions and warring groups within this new industry have begun to shape the future realms within the re-creation and transformation of traditional book publishing -as we have known it. Just like journalists gravitate to their own specific cliques and parachute salesmen gravitate to their own tribal specific enclaves- so has social media begun to adopt- the attitudes and practices and status quo behavior of the old guard brick and mortar mentality.

Chapter 2:

How open is social media going to be to the untold millions of new and coming indie- authors created by these new phenomena of digital publishing? Imagine that we are going from a few million brick and mortar authors to a catastrophic untold number. Hungry to claim their fair share of sales, audience attention and loyalty amassing and swarming in droves through the whole of the digital social spheres? My answer would be that as with any transformation from the old guard to the new; the old rules and adages have to give some ground to the crashing waves of new ideals and promoters of these new ideas; often where rules have little to no value. Your ideas, however well-meaning –where- the survival or your tribe or clan are now being convoluted and threatened by those of the masses of new authors; who have yet to find their unique spheres of gravitational orbits for which to worship at the lap of the new and rising Digital Age Chieftains!

..meanwhile, back to the unemployed and putting food on the table....


Written and Edited by John R. Hernandez, Jr. (c) 2011

Not too long ago I created a petition that in my opinion would open the door and I hope the eyes of today's politicians. A petition that would help get 15 million people back to work. But it fell on deaf ears.You ever wonder how or why it is that what is really strange is how -we can see eye to eye- on this issue but, those around us refuse to step out of their self created, self insulated and self contained world of darkness and apparent ignorance. I will for the sake of 15 million unemployed and more men and women out there who are suffering day and night; the sake of the children and the elderly and those less fortunate amongst us. Try to be upbeat and more optimistic and pray that this petition will not completely fall on deaf ears like the others -I have- proposed. The Lord is my strength and my salvation. I have taken up my cross. Because, out of my weakness I have found my strength. See what comes out of them; see how they speak and what they say closely and you will find the answers. Entitlements as they like to call them to make these acts of kindness and charity seem petty and useless! The shame of it is that when you do have an excellent idea it's hard to sell it -because- there are some in power that want this disastrous economic condition to continue. It's like when the young men and women were sent out to the battle fields riddled with mines. There has been some progress in that area but should it have taken so long, so many lives and so many amputations? Many are actually tuning a profit while others are loosing their lives savings just trying to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. The oil companies are reaping great profits. Instead of the President or someone on Capital Hill forcing them to lower their prices during these dire economic times they are allowed keep raising prices. As you know, a great deal of that segment of the population that has a steady good paying job and sees and hears what is going on refuses to do anything to help their fellow brothers and sisters in need. The Spirit of the Anti-Christ; that Spirit represented by all the greed and selfishness in mankind is still alive and well and possessing many. But, over this Spirit is the Spirit of the False Christ; the one that lives and breathes in the hearts of man. This same Spirit that is the one -which embodies many in high positions of leadership- is the one charged with the responsibility of gathering the masses of those that have fallen away. This is a powerful Spirit whose ultimate aim is to change; to turn things around; to confuse and to confound; to subjugate and to possess. Pretending otherwise, that they must be in control and given the power to run nations –because- they have brainwashed many into believing that those below them are incapable of ruling themselves!!! The attributes of greed and selfishness feed the fires of hatred and disdain especially against the true children of God. Ultimately, the forces of the evil ones will attempt to take control and once again subjugate mankind until they bring this nation down like they have tried to in the past. Only by dismantling the system that we have grown to know and to love can they hope to control the masses. The Bible tells us in Ephesians’ that we struggle not against flesh and blood but against Powers and Principalities and Rulers of the Darkness of this World. The Bible also warns us that those who have eyes to see should use them and those who have ears to listen should use them but, many have fallen asleep; have fallen away, have lost their true love their true faith and have supplanted it with what on the outside appears true and real but on the inside it is an abomination of all un-cleanliness. The unprecedented political landslides of the last year is a warning to those who have fallen asleep that they need to wake up and fight to support those that have and are trying to bring about a better change for this nation and not an empty useless bunch of gestures and false promises that ultimately will bring back to where we were on the eve of what could have been the greatest disaster this nation would have faced since the Great Depression. What is so sad is how many have been helped by what this administration has done but so few will readily stand up and admit to it. We need to have a government that is strict about leading with a firm conviction that selfishness and greed are the true foundations of all corruption. Finally, take a serious look at what Ephesians is telling us; Rulers with Powers over Principalities in High Places! This is the embodiment of corrupt political systems that rule over mankind!

Apathy is America’s greatest enemy

Written and edited by John R. Hernandez, Jr. © 2011

75 years of relative peace and prosperity have helped to create a nation that is manically self absorbed on its self and less interested in the threats that are lurking from outside sources and especially from inside its own territories and halls of power. 911 should have been a wakeup call instead it became a global witch-hunt for the search for one man. 15 years since Bin Laden began his global Jihad againstAmericaandIsraelhe was no where to be found. In less than three years under the administration of President Obama, Bin Laden is now reportedly dead and many more of his supporters and staunchest partners in crime have fallen. These news would be good if Americans would ever wake up and read between the lines. Somehow I cannot help but think that this will be its undoing. Apathy isAmerica’s greatest enemy. We didn't crawl in we were forced in by worthless despicable scoundrels. Back in Hitler’s time many in the middle classes and upper classes thought that if they supported the Nazi’s schemes that they would escape the gas chambers and atrocities that followed. Today inAmericawe have a group of people that hate the poor and less fortunate. They find them to be a scourge, a drain on the resources of those who have self appointed themselves as the caretakers of this new century. Like the Nazi's of the 1930's who walked into power at a time whenGermanysuffered from great economic distress and the demoralization of a lost war. They told the people what they wanted to hear and once having attained power they began to develop a systematic model for control ofWestern Europeand eventually the world. Unlike Communism who saw religion merely as a callous on the foot Nazism sees religion as its fiercest enemy to be eradicated forever. If you look back you will find how Hitler used and lied to the Catholic Bishops and those in positions of power within the Christian Hierarchies in order that he could attain control of the German people and most ofWestern Europe. At first the systematic elimination of the poor, the aging, persons of color and others deemed undesirable was thought to have been kept quiet. But soon the news got out and eventually his popularity began to fail as his war machine began to crumble under the heavy pressures of the allied forces. Americans for almost 75 years now have enjoyed the luxuries of an unparalleled freedom. They have fallen asleep by virtue of 75 years of peace and prosperity. But there are elements in this nation and this world working hard and fast to bring this nation to its knees and to recreate the fallen remnants of the Third Reich. Americans have forgotten what the words anarchists and traitors truly mean. Today a segment of those who wield great power over this nation have begun a systematic dismantling of all the great social programs that were built to sustain and support this nations elderly, the poor, the infirmed and less fortunate. Thereby diminishing their strength and power to fight back when and at what time the next step in the master plan takes place. By weakening the financial markets, by throwing the economy into a tailspin and pitting this nation against its long-term allies they hope to bring it to its knees and walk into power.


Written and Edited by John R. Hernandez, Jr.

All source quotes have no editing except where emphasis used

What I love the most about those that leave such kind words on my htt:// webpage is that many are being sincere and most are actually website owners who honestly took a look or two and found my site and information helpful to them enough to admit to me and to all of us in their own words. My blessing and thanks for all of those who have stood up and helped another fellow website owner receive the accolades from his fellow writers and producers as they feel merit’s it. My special and long overdue thanks to still the best on the internet by far over all the pothers!

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"Proverbs21:13 Whoever shuts his eyes to the cry's of the poor will also cry himself and not be heard."

"Proverbs14:31He who oppresses the poor reproaches his Maker, But he who honors Him has mercy on the needy." jrh684156@gmail.comjohnrhernandezhttp://newdawnmedia.wordpress.com1

From; John R. Hernandez, Jr. © 2011

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Hi Digital Poet,

Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner I was working on my other issues: Stop by there and check it out and leave a comment if you like! I sincerely appreciate your kind words and encouragement. Hope to hear from you soon and try and stop by and checkout my book “In the Birth of a New Dawn” and let me know what you think of it. I would be honored if you left me a comment there and all my sites in whatever it is God puts in your heart. Tell everyone you can about my sites and my books and don’t forget the coupon codes RK42A. You’re welcomed back here anytime!

Many thanks,

John R. Hernandez, Jr.

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Thank you for posting this. I enjoyed reading it very much. Checking up on peoples poetry and writing is something I do often. I try to keep up with today’s trends so I’m more active in the writing community. Thanks again for sharing this.


By John R. Hernandez, Jr. © 8/2011

This is the Republican comment to Standard and Poor's downgrading of the US credit rating, “Unfortunately, decades of reckless spending cannot be reversed immediately, especially when the Democrats who run Washington remain unwilling to make the tough choices required to put America on solid ground,” >> [This statement by Boehner gives the reader the impression that for decades the Democrats have been the spenders] << Speaker John A. Boehner, an Ohio Republican, said in a statement."

If I remember correctly it was and has been the Republican's voracious appetite for control of energy resources at whatever means along with it's global warmongering and it's questionable relationship with defense contracting and spending; not necessarily because of any overall US policy or interest in pursuing major profits in these areas but as a result of a global energy consortium of conglomerates that wish to take hold and have taken hold of much of this previous decades global oil and gas research and exploration projects-at whatever length. Take for example some of the quotes from HALLIBURTON WATCH.ORG and other internet sites readily available to you once you do the search like I have;

This is just the tip of the iceberg that makes Boehner's smug eyes roll-over and pretend to know nothing about; just the beginning of a pile of intel you can find if you just do the searches. I don't get paid to do the searches and bring these comments only that, there should be a fair and balanced dissemination of intel so that people will stop being brainwashed erroneously by the right wing rhetoric against the Democrats. There are lots of things I don't agree with on the Democratic side and when I am ready I will do my search as you should and expose it for what it is. Furthermore, I am in publishing and media consulting and publicizing my published works such as my new book, "In the Birth of a New Dawn".

But I have a burning desire to expose human injustice and atrocities against mankind. Something that I had hoped to pursue as I studied atRutgerstrying to get my Journalism Degree and eventual masters. Having to leave it all behind to do what I thought a farther should do when faced with the mother of his child running off 1,000 miles in the opposite direction. I made the conscious choice to chase after her and derail my aspirations. But it never deterred me, my hunger and thirst for social justice has never ands will never be squelched until they put a bullet into my head. Because some of us love our children despite our own best interests and some of us love to fight against social injustices wherever we see them despite the consequences. We may not always be right in someone eyes or succeed but that we bring that fair and balanced approach unlike another is sufficient enough to let the world know that their are two sides to every story and not just one.

Take a look at this;

1). "January 30, 2004: New York Times columnist, Bob Herbert, details how Halliburton evadesU.S.taxes and export bans by establishing foreign subsidiaries. Halliburton’s Wendy Hall admits the company paid only $15 million in taxes in 2002 even though the company earned $339 million in profits from continuing operations and $12.5 billion in total revenue."

But in,

2). "January 2004: Halliburton discloses that a subsidiary paid a $2.4 million bribe to a Nigerian government official's business in exchange for favorable tax treatment." From Halliburton

Then in,

3). "January 25, 2004: CBS Television's 60 Minutes program shows how Halliburton does business with Iran even though U.S. law bans companies from doing business with the country." From

And in,

4). "January 26, 2004:New York City's controller accuses Halliburton of taking blood money from state sponsors of terrorism, such asIranandLibya. Controller William Thompson - who oversees an $80 billion pension fund for city workers - says cops and firefighters are outraged that their retirement portfolios include stock in U.S. firms getting fat off contracts with rogue nations like Iran, which funds the terror groups Hezbollah and Hamas and is suspected of giving sanctuary to Al Qaeda leaders." From Halliburton

There is so much more but if you don't go and do the search you will blindly be lead by what some on capital hill or some scoundrels on conservative radio or Christian broadcasting will lead you to believe!



How the Christian Broadcasting radio waves have been taken over by the right wing hiding behind the cloak of religion and moral values to help espouse their rhetoric and to take control of the masses by bombarding them with reckless disinformation.
Why the US Defense Department and the leaders of our armed forces should have been more focused on the fact that an attack was eminent against those involved with the capture of Bin Laden the murderer?
Why did it take so long to capture Bin Laden and why did it take place in July 2011; just at the crux of the declaration of their accumulated war chests by US political parties was about to be revealed?
Why did the gas prices seem to plummet during (June to July) this time and then slowly inch back up to the disastrous levels they have been in for the past years?
Who or what is really behind the fluctuating gas prices and why?
How much money has been spent on global warmongering by the Republican administrations of the George Bush’s? And what effect has it had on our economy and why is so little being talked about this phenomenon?
Who or what is really behind wanting our economy to fail and eventually crash?
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